20 things I learned about Americans during this pandemic is frightening…

By Living_Martyr_Report

I learned that there was no longer a speed limit on major highways in big cities. This caused a direct correlation to vehicle deaths in 2020 estimated to be highest in 13 Years, despite dramatic drops in miles driven. A 24% spike in roadway death rates is highest in 96 years.

I learned anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, government, and those who trust them. Corruption and manipulation is now in every facet of our lives including science, the medical industry and academia. Doctors, scientists, and teachers can be politically biased and corrupted just like anyone else.

I learned that we are replacing our traditional belief systems with secularism. The government is becoming its replacement.

I learned that propaganda is just as effective in the modern-day as it was 100 years ago. Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser.

I learned that corporate America is becoming more tyrannical and will use their power to discriminate against people because they don’t share the same values.

I learned even our own military has become woke and is entertaining the idea of teaching social justice propaganda such as critical race theory.

I learned the term “follow the science” really means you follow the science of your choice. For example, the (AMA)American Medical Association has become woke and believes sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates.

I learned that for every scientific study that came out during the pandemic I could find a study that directly contradicts that study. The term “follow the science” should have been changed to “follow the science that you believe.”

I learned that the data showed all over the world the lockdowns did not work, and in many cases made conditions worse.

I learned that the social justice movement to “defund the police” was extremely dangerous, reckless, and idiotic and has caused deaths throughout the country because of it.

I learned to not trust a politician when they say we will do everything in our power to save just one life. For example, this is something Andrew Cuomo said at the start of the pandemic and he ended up killing thousands of seniors by taking them out of hospitals and putting them back into their retirement centers. Also, if that was the case the government would lower the speed limit down to 30MPH which would save thousands of lives but they don’t because they know people are willing to accept a certain amount of risk for convenience.

I learned that it’s not worth wasting time with others that have opposite ideological differences. Stay close with friends that are kindred spirits.

I learned there is a tremendous gap between rational and irrational people during Covid. For example, the amount of people I have seen in their cars wearing a mask by themselves is disturbing. This tells me that these people have no interest whatsoever in learning anything about Covid and rely on others to tell them what to do.

I learned that Americans cannot even agree over shared national holidays anymore such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July.

I learned that while we keep erasing history because it makes some of us feel better, the closer we are to repeating it.

I learned it’s a waste of money and time to go to college unless it’s in the STEM fields or a trade school. Most major colleges today are cesspools of indoctrination and social justice propagandists.

I learned that masks are apparently not needed during protests as long as the protest is to promote social justice agendas.

I learned that the media will continually use fear to make profits regardless of what it does to society. For example, a Harvard study shows those that are hospitalized with COVID, almost half of those people have a mild case or are asymptomatic. They are afraid from horror stories they see in the media when they could easily recover at home.

I learned that too many people do not understand how to calculate risk, and that the reality is as soon as we’re born we are not safe.

I learned that humanity as a whole is a disappointment but on an individual level we can be amazing.

I learned that we have become a willfully ignorant and passive society and will sacrifice freedom through ideological fearmongering.

Lastly, I believe we are witnessing the breakdown of a nation when the majority of people today express the need “to be taken care of” instead of bearing responsibility upon themselves. When the majority of society is being “told what to do” and not question it because it’s for the so-called “greater good” will willfully submit to anything. There was a time when the phrase “giving a hand up” was more important than “giving a handout” because it taught us to help each other get back onto our feet during difficult times. Instead, today we are seeing more people demand “the handout” which teaches to rely on others to take care of us.

The reality is our country is divided by two frames of mind. One side believes the world is divided by good and evil and the other side believes the divide is between the rich and poor. Our current politicians in power talk about unity as a country but the reality is there is no unity and they know it. They are lying to us. The unity they want is for all of us to unite with their ideological hunger for power. The division in our country has become far too great to find any common ground. Multiculturalism has reduced the idea of e pluribus unum to a regressive tribalism. It is eerie how such current American retribalization resembles the collapse of Rome, as Goths, Huns, and Vandals all squabbled among themselves over what was left of 1,200 years of Roman citizenship — eager to destroy what they could neither create nor emulate. I fear the great experiment called America is coming to an end similarly in the way Rome did. I hope I’m wrong but

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