The Imperfect Art of Scapegoating and Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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The current presidential election news cycle is rife with misinformation and suppression of news stories by big tech and legacy media companies that could potentially aid in a second Trump victory this November. Ever since the story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop being handed over to the president’s attorney and former mayor of New York Rudy…

Benghazi Bombshell Video

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As many of you know, we were able to provide this video first as a breaking news story. All the details are still coming out slowly, We will be diligent to get this information to you in a timely fashion. Here’s the partial transcript/summary of the historic phone call / interview on Sunday, October 11,…

Public Disclosures – Backing up the Benghazi Bombshell Information

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Documents related to this story located here: 2011 00 00–Attorney Brian Ettinger–Ettinger NDA–Letter to VP Joe Biden–Receipts–Threats–SUMMARY DOC (1) – Copy (1) 2007-07-13—–John-Loftus–CIA-Submission–09–Final-Falcon-Authored-and-Sent-by-Loftus 2020 10 13–VP Biden–Attorney Ettinger–Congressman Weldon–Secret AQ-Iran Peace Treaty Listen to these audio recordings and watch the videos here on PureSocialTV