A Trump Target: The Civil Rights Act of 1964

By DanStr8


The Human Rights Campaign is the steam engine of the Democrat Party. The major key to defeating the Left is done by rewriting the Civil Rights Act of 1964. President Trump needs to consider doing this with an executive order.To cut off the funding for the the DNC. Major companies are all dumping money into the Human Rights Campaign to help fund the chaos going on today.

The BLM, Antifa, LGBT, Planned Parenting, and DNC depend on the life blood of the Human Rights Campaign. Which is standing on top of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Written by Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Trump needs to know he can crash the DNC by rewriting or revising the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by executive order if possible. This decision by our President could help get The United States back on track.

The Democrat Party is a Communist Party which has infiltrated the Republican Party over time as we see today. We have seen time and time again how even Republicans cave to the Democrat Party’s demands. They are not Rhino Republicans, but truly Democrat Communists pretending to be Republican. True bi-partisanship is when two parties agree to a mutual deal not by giving into something in order to gain a vantage point legally. This is a false narrative politicians have been using to get their way for too long.

President Trump is not really a politician or even a Republican. Even though he chose to run under that party. He is an American businessman and a political outsider. His motives and decisions are based on his morals and what he believes in as a United States Citizen and now as our President.
Hopefully somebody connected to President Trump that sees or finds out about this, and will tell him to revise/rewrite the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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