Abortions, woman’s rights and the feminist movement ~ They want to sacrifice babies to molech ~

By theprophetbarnebus


New Living Translation

“Do not permit any of your children to be offered as a sacrifice to Molech, for you must not bring shame on the name of your God. I am the LORD.

  • Leviticus 18:21


Where do we start? Let me start first by telling you that we are not just going to be talking about woman wanting the right to kill and murder their babies while they’re still in the womb, but we are going to discuss just where the self-proclaim right to murder their children came from. Also, I must say that I was inspired to write this article after suffering the complaints of some liberal retard democrats whining about the ban abortion bill being possibly passed in the U.S. Congress. Never mind that the bill was not about making abortions illegal, instead; the bill was about limiting a woman to only one abortion, so they can’t have that as they’re cure all solution to getting pregnant, when all they have to do is close their legs. In fact, the problem is not just about their having a proverbial get out of jail free card, but it is really about woman having power over man. Yes, biblical speaking, it goes as far back as the incident in the garden of eden when man (Adam) gave his authority over to the woman (Eve) when he accepted the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in which his woman handed him. Never mind that he didn’t know he was being tricked by his woman.


When the lord YHWH / Yeshua came down as he always does to spend time with Adam, instead he had to get onto Adam for what he did, and establish the case for why they (Adam & eve) now knew that they were naked. Then he had to do a bit of temporary fixing job with first, killing some animals so that he could clothe them in animal skins, and then putting power back into man’s hands by making the woman to be a slave to the authority of man. And then he punishes her with painful child baring and a monthly cycle because she dared to listen to the serpent over the advice and instructions of our lord, for which was handed down to Adam with the expressed warning that it would bring death to them. And he made Adam to work the ground that gives thorn and thistle now, and now both of them will eventually go back to the dirt from whence they came in the end. And on top of that, not only does our lord have to redeem man, but man has to endure with h’aSatan ruling the world for a season until the lord says that is enough and comes down and puts an end to sin and Satan once and for all.


Lilith, Semiramis, abortion, and woman’s rights

The Jewish text like the books of Jasher and Jubilee tells us the real story of eve’s beguilement and the deception that is quite controversial to the so called fruit from the tree story, it is actually Lilith that spear headed the feminist movement in the garden of Eden. And it is Semiramis who took over in the operation of continuing the march of the woman’s rights / feminist movement, that is, she took up the proverbial torch. Yes, even in the book of Lilith and the book of Enoch, we see a different story that identifies the serpent as really being Lilith instead of H’aSatan. And he was the one who supervising the deception of Eve, who later deceived Adam once the seeds of something good being held from her began to blossom, thus prompting her to eat of the quote unquote fruit. Who is Lilith? She is the hidden first woman of Adam that was replaced with the woman from his rib that was named Eve, because Lilith left Adam, since she could not wear the proverbial pants in the family. And she became the transvestite queen of the Damned when she became the wife of H’aSatan (Satan), thus becoming the mother of demons, which is why she is called the queen of the (Lilim or demons or succubus) Damned.


Who is Semiramis? According to Babylonian and Mesopotamian text, she is the consort & wife of the Nephilim / fallen one version of the biblical son of Cush whose name is Nimrod, and these two according to the mythology had a few children whose names were Tammuz. But most importantly, she is the one that is recognized as the mother goddess of feminism and all the satanic ideas of feminism that teaches woman that woman are to usurp authority out of man’s hands and have man ultimately subjugated to woman. She is the one that influences woman to kill their babies and thus sacrifice them to that owl god Moloch, which is exactly what you are doing when you abort your child by the way. While Pastor Emmanuelle Lakonga may not have identified the demon succubus behind the woman’s desire to kill their babies in the name of “my body, my choice”; he has most certainly condemned the act as purely satanic. And again, let’s ask the question of who is in the front line as the physical humans in way of character? They that support pro-abortions are known illuminati / Satanist.


And why is the demon Semiramis (who is one of Lilith daughters) wanting woman to kill their children? It all comes full circle to the one that hated man, because he was made in the image of YHWH / Yeshua, and he wants to destroy mankind to hurt our lord. And I think we all know who that individual is, for which I am pointing the finger at, he is known other than the father of lies, whose name is H’aSatan (the Slanderer). Yes, satan has been trying to bring man down with him, or at least destroy any man that dares to oppose his agenda to rule the world through his physical human puppet, but ultimately he wants in the end to destroy man, since he knows that he will be cast into the lake of fire when Lord Yeshua returns. And this is the reason behind encouraged abortions, gender reassignments, child grooming, forced / compulsory vaccines, and every other satanic rite of confusion; to deface and destroy mankind. And the media tries to minimize the reality of what is going on by basically saying that we should kill ourselves because there are too many of us in the world.



Finally, the question will comes down to this. What spirit are you going to follow? The spirit of this world that wants man to be destroyed, and woman to believe that they are second rate citizens if they honor man as the one YHWH meant to be the head, or are you going to follow the spirit of YHWH the God of Israel. After all, it is YHWH that puts woman at a great role in the creation of the human civilization, and esteems them with great honor as the rightful helper to man, and this is indeed contrary to the feminist view, which came out of humanism. And humanism is one of the major philosophical constructs that came out of the French Revolution, I invite our readers to pick up a copy of Moses Mason’s work called, “the Weapons of Mass Destruction”. While yes, he is a 7th Day Adventist, I do endorse his work and encourage everyone to take a look at it, he goes into great detail into what came out of the French revolution. And while I am a Messianic Jew, in that I studied Messianic Judaism, I am also a baptized 7th Day Adventist as well.




[Human Conception: The Beginning of Life There is much confusion and disagreement today about when human life actually begins. The official and public face of the medical profession insists that life begins at implantation — yet every embryology and fetology textbook in use today states that it begins at the instant of fusion between sperm and egg.]

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