Are You A Maskateer?

By Dukin

Many people seem to be hanging onto this mask thing, even though the curve is flat and cases are slowed, but it is an election year and we have to get Sleepy Joe back into office, because you know he did such a great job for the last 47 years. How do you know if you qualify as a Maskateer?

You might be a Maskateer if:

  1. You wear a mask while driving in the car all by yourself
  2. You have recently purchased a designer mask to match your outfit for the day
  3. You want President Kamala Harris to win the 2020 election (I mean Joe Biden) and absolutely hate Trump
  4. You mean mug and brow beat others for not wearing a mask because they are not doing their part to “save lives”
  5. You raise your fist in solidarity to the recent cult activities while wearing your mask
  6. You wear your mask in public but are afraid to go in person to a polling booth while supporting rioters rioting freely in the streets
  7. You ignore the current numbers of the CDC – since they’ve retracted and overshot the original estimate of cases
  8. Your dog wears a mask
  9. Your kids wear masks while playing outside
  10. You ignore it when the people telling us that wearing a mask saves lives and they’re not wearing masks themselves

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