Being Healthy in a Sick Society

By PatrickLockwood

This #C19 pandemic is certainly forcing many of us to re-think our behavior and our health. Seeing that the virus can affect people with health conditions more are working out and reconsidering their health behaviors. Not only are we in a time of rethinking our physical health, but the madness of #politics, the #press, and #socialmedia has many wondering about our mental health.

We seem to base our goals and our norms on what is socially popular, right? Buy this phone, get that truck, go to those trendy restaurants, talk about that trending topic on social media.

Why? Well, sadly, we’re kind of simple creatures. We may not often want to admit it, but there’s a part of us that’s “tribalistic” and prone to wanting to “fit in,”so of course we engage in trends. The problem is, if we’re not being mindful of our needs and how we’re built, we easily get #hijacked. In order to not become zombies to popular culture, and social norms more broadly, we have two challenges:

  1. Develop a solid awareness of who we are, how we’re built, and what we need as humans.
  2. Make sure we have healthy boundaries with the social pressures that push and pull on us all day:
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Neighbors
    4. Religious groups
    5. Political groups
    6. Social media
    7. News

The best way to achieve both goals is through educating ourselves.  To learn about how we’re built and what we need, check out my videos on the psychology of #MentalHealth at:

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