Big Tech Censorship of Dissenting Voices

By PSAdmin

Ongoing Series – Part One

A/B Testing for the Puresocial Network Facebook Group Page:

PureSocial has been running A/B testing for the content and posts around content from various posts for the last several years. Prior to the last several months, we have been able to avoid flagging with the Facebook algorithms. More Recently, as we have been monitoring the posts with Black Lives Matters and Covid-19 content, we are seeing a much more aggressive attempt to censor the dissenting voices from the right. Facebook has been clear with their fact-check efforts and it is clear that the folks running the show are biased against right leaning conservative audiences.

PureSocial Network on Facebook has a healthy amount of activity all week long

For background, we have historically consistent posts that gain between 50-100 likes and or responses to any given topic. Currently as we write this post, the hot topics for review are Black Lives Matter and Covid-19. As you will find in our study, there is a selective effort to position the Pro-BLM posts to high visibility and shadow-ban (or censor) the Anti-BLM postings. To attempt to post anything that is a dissenting voice on the Covid-19 and vaccination narrative, you will find yourself virtually invisible with no flagging and fact checking, just silence.

It’s become obvious that despite our best efforts to promote specific content around the Pro-medical choice messages on the group page, we have been unsuccessful in gaining any responses from the general audience and it seems to only appear in the feeds with close friends and family of the individual poster.

In testing more recent posts, we’ve discovered that we can trick the Facebook algorithms by eliminating the live track back links (that are unsuccessful):

With posts hiding the link (that are successful):

PureSocial Dot TV – follow to 1986 – The Act

Lower Responses with Live Links promoting Pro-Medical Choice
High response rates on comments for a Pro-BLM Post
High response rates for a Pro-BLM post
Very high response rates on an Anti-Trump, Pro-Mail In Voting Post
Anti-Cop post gets higher response rates
Anti-Trump post gets higher responses
Pro-medical choice post with a researcher exposing actual copy from the WHO corporate website and information that is readily available to the general public. No visibility.
A post from Dr. Lisa Koche, MD. One of the doctors that spoke in DC with the group of Frontline physicians. No visibility.
Pro-Medical Choice with only one comment and low visibility in the news feed.

Google has been exposed as with other big tech platforms to have a “Blacklist” of news organizations that they deem illegitimate or not worthy of publishing. Here’s the list from 2 years ago, we are sure this list continues to grow, credits to Zach Vorhies, formerly employed by Google as a whistleblower, and Project Veritas for exposing the truth about what’s really going on in Silicon Valley:

And the list keeps growing…

We should re-emphasize that this group created on Facebook was intended to be an exercise and an opportunity to collect much needed data to build the perfect social media experience. We are continually doing this with our current website:

PureSocial has also embarked on a very exciting project to bring uncensored video content to the general public. This project can be found here:

PureSocialTV™ is a video platform of the people, by the people, and for the people. Your voice will be heard through the power of the vote with our CrowdScore™ rating system, creating press accountability and fostering diversity of thought.

We exist to provide a voice where current voices are being silenced by censorship on social media from Big Tech providers. We have been designed, built and maintained by the members of this community. Please join us today!

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