The CMO Role is Changing – Agree or Disagree?

By vickioneill

C M O Those 3 letters combined in this way create an image in your mind. What is that image? There are mixed opinions on the CMO role – whether this position should continue to exist or if it should evolve. This company executive has changed over the years in experience, focus and responsibilities. Today’s…

Let’s Talk About 5G

By Link

Let’s talk about 5G. 5G generically stands for “Fifth-Generation” wireless communication technology. It supersedes 4G (LTE) as the current path to high-speed wireless data. Let me start by saying that there is nothing intrinsically special about 5G networks: They all use various radio frequency bands that are higher than 4G. The higher the radio frequency,…

The Internet Bill of Rights

By PSAdmin

The Preamble to The PureSocial Internet Bill of Rights Social Media Platforms In The United States Begun and written, on Friday the thirty-first of May, Two thousand and Nineteen. THE Number of Social Media providers, having at the time of their adopting privacy rules and terms of service, expressed a desire, in order to prevent…

Social Media & Mobile Marketing

By Doug Wade

Today, we realize that social marketing is a key component and growing channel for both customer retention and customer acquisition.  In fact, 65% of internet users see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies.  That’s a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source. Many marketers…

Trump Big Healthcare Win

By Dan

Here is the link to the article highlighted by our members.    Please join us in the comments below! Trumps big Health care win – from Yahoo News