RECENT FEATURE: Editor for your Posts

By Dan

User Submitted posts Updated! We just updated the Blog submission tool so that you can do more with your personal Blog submissions. We are continuing to develop our blog platform to be a place for our members to publish their ideas, thought, and opinions freely.  This is a test post with the tools available for…

The Internet Bill of Rights

By PSAdmin

The Preamble to The PureSocial Internet Bill of Rights Social Media Platforms In The United States Begun and written, on Friday the thirty-first of May, Two thousand and Nineteen. THE Number of Social Media providers, having at the time of their adopting privacy rules and terms of service, expressed a desire, in order to prevent…

Terrorist Organizations

By Dukin

This is a comprehensive list of terrorist organizations that want Christians & Jews wiped off the face of the earth… 1. Al-Shabab (Africa)2. Al Murabitun (Africa)3. Al-Qeada (Afghanistan)4. Al-Qaeda (Islamic Maghreb)5. Al-Qaeda (Indian Subcontinent)6. Al-Qaeda (Arab Peninsula)7. Hamas (Gaza)8. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Palestine),9. Popular Front for the Liberation of (Palestine),10. Hezbola (Lebanon),11. Ansar al-Sharia-Benghazi (Lebanon),12.…

What is PureSocial?

By Doug Wade

The PureSocial™ Network is a social media movement giving control of the social media conversation into the hands of the people. PureSocial™ is a platform of the people, by the people, and for the people. Your voice will be heard through the power of the vote with our CrowdScore™  rating system, creating press accountability and…

Trump Big Healthcare Win

By Dan

Here is the link to the article highlighted by our members.    Please join us in the comments below! Trumps big Health care win – from Yahoo News