Public Disclosures – Backing up the Benghazi Bombshell Information

By PSAdmin

Documents related to this story located here: 2011 00 00–Attorney Brian Ettinger–Ettinger NDA–Letter to VP Joe Biden–Receipts–Threats–SUMMARY DOC (1) – Copy (1) 2007-07-13—–John-Loftus–CIA-Submission–09–Final-Falcon-Authored-and-Sent-by-Loftus 2020 10 13–VP Biden–Attorney Ettinger–Congressman Weldon–Secret AQ-Iran Peace Treaty Listen to these audio recordings and watch the videos here on PureSocialTV

Critical Thinking Amidst the Information Wars

By PatrickLockwood

Seems like we’re bombarded nowadays with news, media, and youtube videos that push and pull us in multiple directions. This political group says hate Trump. This other political group says Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Popular YouTubers and commentators on news channels tell very convincing stories about events that have happened. But,…

Iran vs The Cheetahs

By DanStr8

So as you have heard vaguely, Iran has been the target of recent attacks by a group calling themselves the Cheetahs of the Homeland. Nobody seems to know exactly who this group is or what nation they belong to. Most people assume they are hackers with some unkown vendetta against Iran. Also Iran is pointing…

Coping with #C19: Another Tip

By PatrickLockwood

We are in the middle of a tough time with #quarantine life and so many different sources of information. Everyone has an opinion about what to do, when to go back to work, how safe we are, what our risk of infection is, and what the “right” choice is. Even as a professional who understand…

A Shopping Odessey

By Kerry Smyth

How My Trip to the Grocery Store Revealed Why the Experts Are (Still) Wrong About C19 I just got back from a trip to my local grocery store. It’s a very large chain with several superstores. It is the first time I’ve gone to the grocery since about 4 days after this C19 lockdown began.…