Coping with #C19: Another Tip

By PatrickLockwood

We are in the middle of a tough time with #quarantine life and so many different sources of information. Everyone has an opinion about what to do, when to go back to work, how safe we are, what our risk of infection is, and what the “right” choice is. Even as a professional who understand statistics and (to a lesser degree) epidemiology, this is a very confusing time for me too.

One of the main problems is, we have a strong “intuition” process that drives how much we trust different sources. The issue here is…our intuition is more about our more “primitive” emotional/safety management hardware. So, essentially, our “intuition” process might be getting in the way of our critical thinking skills. We need these skills to judge and evaluate the facts effectively. In this video I expand on the difference between intuition and knowledge, and why it’s important to think very carefully about what we think we know. You know what they say…measure twice, cut once…

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