Keeping your Head During these troubled times of Coronus News

By Dukin

I have not experienced anything like this in my lifetime. With the threat of illness and even death on the horizon you have to keep things in perspective. I am encouraging my family and friends to consider the following survival tactics:

  1. Keep your hands clean and be excessive about it
  2. Keep your distance from others in public and limit distances at home (especially with the elderly)
  3. Stay connected with friends and family by phone or video chat
  4. Look for creative ways to spend time together and outside the current norm (coloring, reading, board games, cards, hikes, walks, bike rides, cruising through the countryside)
  5. If you are sick – self quarantine
  6. If you think you might be getting sick – Social distance yourself

And most importantly:

  1. Always be kind to others – you don’t know what others are feeling or experiencing
  2. Look for opportunities to help a neighbor or friend
  3. Call people with intent to check in and see how they are doing

Much love!

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