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Here’s what we believe. On November 3rd, an attempt to overthrow the United States of America took place involving the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, Russia and many high ranking officials in the US government. For the last 4 years the opposition has displayed their intent by creating false narratives in the media against the duly elected President of the United States, President Donald J Trump.

2020 has been a year of a pandemic, lockdowns, business closures, political corruption, and backroom deals leading up to a brazen hijacking of the American election process. In this series of video documentaries, we will present the facts. These facts will not be filtered through biased fact checkers hired by social media giants. These facts were gathered and assembled by the American people, brave whistleblowers, legal professionals and elected officials that were denied their basic right to a free and fair election. Their motivation is to bring you the truth, at whatever the cost.

Setting the stage:

We are compelled to lay out the facts in the order that they occurred leading up to the 2020 Presidential election.

Donald J Trump announces his run for office in 2016. As he is met with opposition from the Democratic party and the Republican party, he presses on, knowing that he will face an uphill battle and the political establishment will not be behind him. He is determined to stand up and fight for the American people.

The last 4 years have been met with an all out smear campaign involving the leftists within our Government and a growing number of Republicans concerned that Trump is taking the party in a new direction. Because they stand to lose power and credibility, they appear to splinter over the basic rights we have as Americans, safety, security, financial freedom, smaller government and peace in the world.

More recently in 2020 – our right to vote in a free and fair election.

Here’s what we do know:

(1) Election Laws in key battleground states were changed at the last second. Laws around our elections that have been established since these protections were first outlined by the Civil Rights Act of 1870 and were later amended by the Civil Rights Acts of 1957,1960 and 1964

(1) Review Here

(2) When studying the data and statistics around the election totals we discover that their are anomalies and the numbers don’t add up. More voters voting then are registered, and many that are dead on the voter rolls.

(2) Review Here

(3) Georgia, a key swing state and now a battleground state was targeted in preparation for the GA run offs – senate races are tight and evidence is clear with video footage showing ballots hidden under tables and added to the votes in the middle of the night. The Fulton County warehouse images of ballots stacked up and ready to be inserted into the votes.

(3) Review Here

(4) Dominion systems & smart-matic, hammer and scorecard. All electronic voting systems with ties outside the country in Venezuela, Iran and Germany. The systems were in fact connected to the internet and the votes were being tampered with. A clear violation of our voting laws.

(4) Review Here

(5) More evidence of Ballot stuffing / military ballots and indefinitely confined voters with affidavits from key witnesses.

(6) Jessie Benall – Her Opening statement with images uncovering more evidence surrounding the Nevada case. Many bad guys involved in this election steal in multiple states. So much evidence and so little time.

(7) Serbia, China, and many international pleas from other countries. Urging us to stand up against the corruption.

(8) State law suits currently in play in PA, CA, NC, Wisconsin, Michigan, AZ and GA (what they know and why they filed)

(9) Joe Biden and his family has undeniable financial ties to China as is being uncovered from the laptops and documentation. Joe Biden is a threat to our republic. His crimes are crimes of high treason.

(10) Additional information around ballot harvesting, foreign election interference, voter and poll worker intimidation can be found here:


An election year with an unprecedented international pandemic is curious and should be considered part of a plan to win the election from those that seek to do us harm. The country moved past “flattening the curve” for Covid 19 around late summer of 2020 and yet somehow the lockdowns and closures continue right up until the 2020 election. All the countries that want to become a world super power has some ties in this effort to steal the election. These countries want Joe Biden to become our President.

Ask yourself then, knowing what I know now, should I question my officials in these states? Should I question the integrity of our elections?

Consider This:

For four solid years Democrats purposely used tax payer money on false allegations around Russia collusion, attempted impeachment proceedings around a phone call to the Ukraine, 24/7 media smears, fake fact checkers hired by Big Tech social media platforms and finally altering our election laws to achieve a desired outcome. This is undeniable.

If Trump is a threat and seeks to expose the corruption in our country, and these state and federal officials are part of that corruption it becomes a do or die situation for all those involved. If these facts as they are presented motivates you to action, it should. We are at the final hour and our very republic is at stake. The data presented here has not been altered or manipulated. We only seek to understand the truth. We face serious repercussions if in fact this country has been compromised by an unknown enemy that has just made itself known.

What we should do about it:

Contact your state representatives and your US Congressman and Senators. Let them know this corruption will not stand. We will not accept this attack on our rights to a free and fair election.

Ask your public officials to vote for trump and to consider Joe Biden illegitimate.

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