Exercise Your Freedom of Creativity

By Doug Wade
Timothy Colomba – Freedom of Creativity

The Goal

Freedom of Creativity is a way for freedom loving creatives to connect. No more talking, dreaming, and waiting around for others. If we want to collaborate and produce competitive content, we need to make moves.

The first step is to support retailers, creatives, and businesses who refuse to cater to the woke mob. You do not need to lean towards any spectrum, the only condition is that you no longer subscribe to woke/cancel culture.

This idea seems “too ambitious”, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why so few have stepped up. The door is wide open, the mind share is ours.. If you’re here, if you sense the call to action, I’m glad to have you.

As of today, I’m the only one running Freedom of Creativity. If standing up to cancel culture energizes you, reach out.

As this concept evolves, I appreciate your patience and I adore your help.


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