Iran vs The Cheetahs

By DanStr8

So as you have heard vaguely, Iran has been the target of recent attacks by a group calling themselves the Cheetahs of the Homeland. Nobody seems to know exactly who this group is or what nation they belong to. Most people assume they are hackers with some unkown vendetta against Iran. Also Iran is pointing fingers at Israel and the United States as the ones responsible for these attacks. However I am gonna give you my best opinion on who is responsible based on facts.

My best opinion is that Iran is too angry over the death of their former general, they have overlooked something major. Iran is not exactly looking at their most obvious enemy in a precise way. They see the United States as the main enemy which I believe is correct but they do not see the weapon behind the back of Uncle Sam. That hidden weapon is an enemy of Iran and stands to benefit from a weaker Iran. This hidden weapon is one of the largest populated countries in the world.

The country is India, in my best guess and opinion. Why you might ask? Here are my main thoughts and facts which I based my opinion: First, the code name of the group, secondly, the huge meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi in February of this year, and finally the long bitter struggle India has had with Iran. The word Cheetah, originally comes from Sanskrit dialect. I dialect under the language of Hindi.

Hindi is the national language of India. Cheetahs use to live in India naturally as well. Indian Cheetahs did not go extinct until the 1950s. Side note: Cheetahs are also the fastest land animal in the animal kingdom. So as you can see, this exhibit one of my evidence.

Exhibit two, President Trump meets with Prime Minister Modi. This happened this past February. Months before any such group or attack of this nature took place. India was very happy about this meeting and alot of people were there mostly the native people. President Trump promises them in a speech military deals.

President Trump’s deals have always been double sided. With a secret twist though. How can both benefit from a deal but some how the person who first made the deal comes out alittle better? What edge can President Trump have over India? I believe it is the protection of the United States Military.

In my final exhibt I present the local embattled India against Iran. Trade is key for India and business as well. India is some what of a super power now. They cannot stand Islam or the current regime that is in place in Iran and also Pakistan. The neighboring Islamic countries are very oppressive.

India understands this clearly and has learned well about imperialistic countries, especially after the occupation of England a long time ago. The Crown of England at that time treated India terribly and enslaved them. India struggled and still sheds blood to gain their country’s freedom from tyranny til this day. We think the United States has had it bad from history. India has had double and worse when it comes to rights and independence.

In conclusion, I hope I have helped persuade your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to research the bloody history of India. Also as we eventually figure out who is responsible possibly in the future. Keep in mind this is my opinion/guess. Just do not be surprised if you hear it was an U.S / Eastern Indian strike against Iran.

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