Life Journey Paths Folly or Wisdom

By WarnRadio

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#Life #Journey #Paths #Folly or #Wisdom is a modern #prose about eternities Warning.” I wrote this over 11 years ago. Since then, I have used this gift to write others as this Prose. It is a piece every believer should read. Life Journey Paths Folly or Wisdom is a “A modern prose about #eternities Warning.” This is a #parable as well which is presented through a figure of speech. It brings forth certain truths thereof in the telling, which are to be reflected as #Eternaltruths out of the #HOLYBook, The #WordofGod, the #Torah, and the #Bible in its entirety. We follow an unknown person, nameless if you will through a long path to find wisdom. What is wisdom and where can you find it.

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