Medical freedom verses big pharma ~ Doctors are license to practice drug pushing ~

By theprophetbarnebus


In this discussion we are going to begin with asking the big question on the whole annual flu bug that comes around every spring and fall season. And the question is, did the flu virus evolve naturally, or was the evolution of flu strains the result of gain of function research, and or weaponized viral agents that were delivered by way of a (vaccine) flu shot? When I look at the history of the annual flu seasons that have been around with us ever since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, George Washington died from a flu strain / Pneumonia, and we did not need vaccines back then, and we don’t need them now. We have always got along with the flu seasons by practicing common sense / natural knowledge, that is as follows, but are not limited to: plenty exercise, sunlight, eating the right foods, getting plenty of water, getting vitamin c, d, selenium, silver, copper, zinc, nitric oxide, magnesium and Ivermectin. So why are the drug industries / Big Pharma pushing vaccines? They have exploited the flu season as a way to guarantee a study customer base for their drugs that only make the symptoms half way livable until the patient finally die.


And now, since the Covid 19 scam that started around January 2020, Big Pharma has escalated its efforts to coerce and or try to force the whole world through C.D.C. to take part in forced compliance to experimental vaccines that are made for one purpose, to depopulate the earth because they claim that there is too many of us on the planet. I have said once before that the real truth is that there are too many of us to control if there is ever an insurrection, and they are very afraid of another Arab spring that could happen right here in the United States of America. And they the Global Elites are and have been in the game of mass depopulation ever since World War II. Hitler and Joseph Mengele were the big proponents to mass extermination of Jews and forced experimentations that lead to the development of the programs and protocols for what would later be known as Eugenics. And the American drug companies (Bayer, Heinkel, & Hofherr and Schrenz, etc.) back then were involved in the creation and development of the concentration camps.


Yes, the drug pushers (Big Pharma) are in the industry of either killing you, or coercing you into becoming a member of their customer base of drug users, that is, if you survive the shots. Or you stop taking medicines that are not natural. Just say no to drugs. And that is what I suggest you do for your own health and wellness, which is to stop putting chemicals into your body all in the name of taking medicine. If your doctor pushes drugs and discourages you from pursuing all natural remedies, then lose that doctor and get yourself a naturopathic doctor that believes in eating the right foods, taking vitamins and herbal supplements, and getting plenty of exercise and sunshine. Of course the mainstream medical communities don’t want you to be invested in natural alternatives, because that interferes with their plans to weed out the undesirables and control the chosen few that are left from the depopulation efforts. I say that there is no time like the present to make up your mind to exercise your rights over your own body and get back your medical freedom that was given you by God / YHWH, and is not to be taken from you.


Medical Freedom and our rights to bodily Autonomy

While C.D.C. and Big Pharma have been trying their hardest to bypass our God given freedoms that are guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution, and the only thing that has been keeping us safe from our freedoms being stripped from us is that of a few republican officials that have a conscience has stood in the way of their trying to force medical mandates upon us. Despite the evidence that vaccines are making the problem worse, their comments and behavior tells you that they fully intend on us to comply to mass voluntary suicide. They tell you right to your face that the vaccines are working, even when they are made to acknowledge that the vaccines are associated with the massive increase of death, while telling you that you are not to point fingers at the vaccines. And many doctors have taken the risk of losing their medical licenses or even their jobs if they speak out against the medical apartheid. And they did expose C.D.C. and Big Pharma in their deliberate acts of medical murder against the people, and most of them did indeed lose their jobs, licenses and were black listed off of social media.


You remember during the time and era of World War II, when the Nazi S.S. troops were gathering up everybody’s radios, record players and other devices that they could use to obtain information and or a view of reality that did not go along with the official narrative (propaganda), in which came from Adolph Hitler and his Nazi occult regime. Does any of this sound familiar to you? People are being forced and or coerced to take vaccines, and when a bunch of parents go online and speak out when their children are injured and damaged as a result of the vaccines, google would censor you and demonize you as an anti-vaxxer when you had your children take the vaccine, and now you regret it. Those that get the proverbial matrix red pill in the most unfortunate way are ostracized by big pharma, google and the mainstream media and told that they are seeing things. There was a case just a while back when a bunch of girls in India were demonized for speaking out against the HPV vaccine, for which gave them the very disease it was supposed to prevent, which was cervical cancer. In fact, a bunch of woman killed themselves because they could not get help with their problem, because they dared to point fingers at vaccine.



Finally, the greatest truth I want you to know, despite the efforts of these murdering drug companies that will demonize you for doing your own research, you do have YHWH given mind and bodily autonomy. And we should know this because YHWH created us, and he is the only one that reserves rights over our bodies, since he is our creator. He came close to committing genocide of the Egyptians for his chosen people because Pharaoh dared to be god over the people. Now the Nuremberg trials and codes were established to prevent people like Joseph Mengele from coercing and or forcing you to participate in an experiment against your mind and body. I have even been ostracized and told to keep my mouth shut when I present the truth that germ theory is a fraud and that natural healing is the only solution to the problem of sickness as opposed to drugs being pushed on us by legalized drug pushers and sorcerers. Yes, according to the bible and the book of Jasher, what pharmaceuticals wants you to believe is medicine is sorcery. Never mind the fact that the very word (pharmacy) comes from a Greek word that means witchcraft.



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