My Assessment of C19 Coverage Update

By Kerry Smyth

I just posted a video with Joe Pags and Dinesh D’Souza that pretty much summarizes what I have been saying this whole time about C19. Literally the precise things I have been saying weeks ago are slowly coming true as I predicted. I said that many people probably already had it. Many probably recovered. Many positive cases will never be tested, or if they are will be suppressed. The media will sensationalize every single death. I didn’t predict this specifically but the media is brazenly reporting coincidental deaths as being caused by Coronus simply because they just happened to also be positive for Coronus. This data is critical to the death rate. The media and the politicians are having a bonanza right now. The more the panic, the better for them. They need to fear monger as much as possible so they are dramatically inflating the death rate (deaths divided by total cases) by suppressing the total case count. I was the first to point that out. I took a lot of criticism for that. People don’t know that a death rate of 2% means over a million Americans will die. That worried me until I started seeing hints of real data, and an obvious attempt to cover it up. I also was one of the first ones to point out that nobody under the age of 34 is dying, not even people with comorbidities. Also, people under 70 with no comorbidities have a death rate under 1% (no more than 0.8% to be precise). I’ve also always maintained that people over 70 need to be extremely cautious and vigilant. Also people under 70 need to be respectful and careful with people over 70 and those with comorbidities. And finally, know that the media is lying to you every bit as much as they were when they tried to tell us Russia hacked our election or that Trump is a racist. 

So as far as “these numbers” are concerned, I’m maintaining all my predictions. Oh yeah, I told everyone at the BEGINNING of March to buy stocks the last week of March. So far that looks good, but we shall see how hard the media tries to extend their panic inducing. I predicted last week that by mid April the public is going to have enough of this charade. We might technically still be on a lockdown, but in reality people will have been done with it and returned to civilization and the government will quietly let them get away with it.

About that 100-200K death number prediction…well first of all, these numbers are way less than they originally fear mongered us on. But here is some perspective – the flu only 2 years ago killed 80K Americans. If we don’t have at least that many deaths from Coronavirus, a lot of officials at the top have a lot to answer to. But they won’t. They will claim that the reason the numbers were so low was because of these horrible police state policies. They will want to be crowned heroes for this. Trump did this in his latest press conference but that wasn’t his original plan. The die has been cast – what Trump did was steal it away from them. He is doing the right thing. The public is now demanding that their panic is justified. They need for their leader to say it’s real and that they are going to be saved. Trump had no choice but to do that at this point. But this was not of his design. He is just making lemons out of lemonade.

If anyone doubts this, just ask yourself this – with 80K Americans dying of flu outbreak, why were the shelves full of toilet paper 2 years ago? Where was the demand for social distancing then? We are all being played like puppets right now, and sadly, many will never know what happened to them in early 2020, and election year where those in charge of the flow of information have no answer to the political opposition they hate more than any other in their lifetimes. Let that sink in.

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