By DanStr8

Most of us know, or are waking up to the fact that our government is corrupt and it needs a good scrub down. President Trump has made us fully aware of the rabbit hole and so have reporters from non mainstream media outlets for years. One such rabbit hole network, that is rarely discussed is the Pharma companies colluding with the Food and Drug Administration. These two companies keep us coming back to our doctors over and over. It is this cycle that depopulates and kills majorities of Americans over time.

Here is how it works and why people are getting sick. The FDA and companies like Monsanto regulate the food supply. Most of our food is owned by about five major companies such as Tyson and Perdue two of the five. Now however the Chinese Government has been allowed to own at least three major U.S. food suppliers Smithfield, Tyson, and Nathan’s. Despite the Communist Chinese having grips on this before they did the plan was already staged.

The FDA who approves what food manufactures do, has very little limitations on their allowance of foreign matter in our foods by manufacturing companies. Allowing things such as maggots, bug parts, rodent hair, and animal fecal matter into our processed foods. It is flat out sickening to think that the FDA has allowed this manner of processing to go on over a very long time. Then they are also geneticly altering the structure of seeds, substances, and animals that we eat at their own descretion without the consent of the consumer. Also there have been small pieces of metal called nano particles put into our food as well.

Nano particles are very small and would easily go unnoticed by the trained eye. We eat them and then when we get exposed to radiation from say 5G frequencies or transformers on powerline poles they react. Causing all sorts of negative diverse effects on our bodies such as one the most feared health conditions, cancer. Nano metals always react to electro magnetic frequencies in a negative way by heating up, and releasing toxins into our bodies. Now this whole event is what could disrupt white blood cells to attack the body.

The FDA makes us sick, then big Pharma steps into the picture. To rescue us from the big bad FDA, which big Pharma is just as bad and if not worse. Pharma is there to completely finish the work of the FDA or send us back until the process of our destruction is complete. Why do they want us alive for a limited time then finally kill us off? Pure and simple, it is greed and also to control the masses.

The FDA and Pharma care nothing for our lives or well being. It is a system used to bring down and weaken us. There is a famous saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” Which I disagree with entirely. It should be said,” What doesn’t kill you makes you easily controlled.” At least in the case of this horrific nightmare that we all have been put into.

There is hope though, with people waking up to issues such as the Pharma-Cycle and many others. Hopefully younger and stronger people will turn against the systematic corruption that has plagued our country for so long. Wake up Millienials you are on the chopping block. The guillotine blade is above your heads and some one has to stand up and say this is wrong. Justice comes for those who try and hide in the shadows and we all accountable for our actions. The results will make or break us. What will American Millienials do, with the choices presented before them?

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