The Imperfect Art of Scapegoating and Hunter Biden’s Laptop

By Redacted

The current presidential election news cycle is rife with misinformation and suppression of news stories by big tech and legacy media companies that could potentially aid in a second Trump victory this November. Ever since the story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop being handed over to the president’s attorney and former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani was initially broken by the New York Post there has been a noticeable effort within the establishment to paint the story as everything from a Russian disinformation campaign to a lie fabricated by Giuliani in order to smear Joe Biden. Considering the information being released daily which continues to further confirm the veracity of the story you might think it would be impossible to distract the American public from such breaking news but unfortunately you would be wrong.

One of the most recent developments in this controversy had Giuliani handing over the contents of the laptop to state police in Delaware after discovering compromising photos and video of Hunter Biden doing more than just smoking crack cocaine. Text messages found on the laptop from Hunter to his father indicate that his sister in-law had informed his therapist of lewd activities such as facetiming underage girls while walking around naked in his apartment and smoking crack. Giuliani also reported in an interview with News Max that their were photos of young girls present on the hard drive which is what ultimately lead to his decision to turn over it’s contents to Delaware state police due to the discomfort of being in possession of such disturbing evidence. Rather than run the story however some media outlets are not only just going out of their way to continue misrepresenting the story as a false narrative meant to smear the Biden campaign but even going as far as attempting to shift the attention to embarrassing footage of the former mayor in Sacha Baron Cohen’s sequel to Borat and falsely describing it as footage of him attempting to engage in sexual acts with “Borat’s 15 year old daughter”. Without proper context this would seem to be damning revelation and reduce the credibility of Giuliani but upon closer inspection the footage is not as simple as him trying to seduce Borat’s 15-year-old daughter as some news outlets are trying to insinuate. The premise of the scene in question has Borat’s daughter played by 24-year-old actress Maria Bakalova posing as a conservative journalist and interviewing Giuliani on the topic of President Trump’s corona virus response. After the interview is completed Maria invites him to a hotel room rigged with hidden cameras for a drink. She helps him remove the microphone from the interview and he then lies down on the bed appearing to place his hand down the front his pants. Cohen then barges into the room proclaiming “She’s 15. She’s too old for you.” It is easy to determine that Rudy was simply under the impression that a beautiful 20 something journalist had just invited him up to her room for drinks to engage in consensual adult activities. It can be argued that it was a horribly unprofessional mistake and distasteful thing to engage in directly after an interview regarding a subject of such importance. There are however some questions as to the legality of sharing such footage to the public considering that laws prohibiting the distribution of revenge porn exist in most states. Why then is it being misrepresented by the mainstream media and even some celebrities on Twitter such as Debra Messing as a sexual act with a minor when the truth is much different?

Determining honest journalism from misinformation has become a much greater struggle than it used to be in the American media. Narratives like this have become much more common and are ramping up as we inch closer to the end of this current election. The attempt to smear Giuliani and discredit his work on exposing the incriminating information found in Hunter Biden’s laptop revealing him and his father engaging in shady business dealings in the Ukraine and China as well as political corruption that indicates the possibility of a major national security issue to country will come as no shock to most well informed Americans. We are now well aware of the Russiagate smear campaign that lead to multiple attempts at and the eventual impeachment of president Trump which was revealed in recent months to actually be an organized attempt by the Obama administration, Clinton campaign, the FBI, and the Ukraine to generate distrust for the then presidential candidate well before he was ever elected in 2016. It was even recently revealed that the Obama administration had illegally wire tapped Trump tower in New York City during the early days of the election as a part of this organized effort. However verified stories like this are not reported on by major left wing outlets which indicates a clear bias and sheds some light on the reasoning behind attempts to smear Giuliani as a pedophile in response to the reveal of illegal material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

So how can regular Americans fight the power of companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google actively employing Orwellian tactics to cover up a story of such grave importance to the current election? Twitter has even gone as far as blocking the initial New York Post article from being shared on their platform and even went as far as locking white house press secretary Kaley McEnany out of her account as well as the official Trump Campaign page for simply sharing the information. This was done so following their code of conduct stating that sharing hacked or leaked information that could potentially put lives in danger and reveal trade secrets is not allowed but it would seem this rule has been arbitrarily enforced simply because this information hurts the Biden campaign. The argument that it was censored because it was misinformation no longer holds weight given the fact that national security director John Radcliffe and the FBI have both confirmed the story is not a Russian disinformation campaign even though the media continues to claim it is. The FBI recently revealed that they were investigating the laptop in regards to money laundering which matches up with the current leaks rapidly coming out from the hard drive and the receipts from the shop owner with Hunter Biden’s signature on it have even been released. Joe Biden confirmed the accusations of him withholding $1billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating corruption in Burisma holdings prior to him securing a job on their board for Hunter with them nonchalantly in a press conference. Further email leaks indicate similar under the table dealings with a Chinese company called CEFC in 2017 in which Hunter seems to have acted as a liaison to set his father up with a job consulting for CEFC that would to pay him $10 million annually “for introductions alone.” One might question the potential threat to national security posed by the then sitting vice president acting in such a clearly corrupt manner should this all ultimately revealed to the American public and I have little doubt that by the time this article is published Giuliani will have leaked even more of the information extracted from Hunter Biden’s laptop further verifying this already incriminating story.

One possibility that the attempted defamation of Rudy Giuliani could indicate is that the democratic establishment and left wing media is running out of effective ways to suppress the truth within these leaks and they’re lashing out reaching for anything to pull themselves out of the hole they see themselves slipping into. It’s no wonder why they might have to resort to turning around the reveal of pedophilic activity or images within the hard drive by running baseless stories painting the former mayor as the real child predator as a way of taking the heat off of something as attention grabbing as Hunter Biden engaging in such activities as well as helping his father arrange corrupt deals with foreign governments and companies in order to build up wealth and power for the Biden dynasty. It’s very likely that as the days go on we will see more extreme forms of smear tactics as Giuliani leaks even more of the information that he, the Delaware state police, and the FBI are in possession of. As election day draws nearer, we will most likely see evidence far worse than what we have so far if Giuliani’s clear plan to sway the election in President Trump’s favor continues along its current path of progression. One might wonder if the ethics behind sitting on information like this for so long are sound considering the gravity of the crimes outlined but it seems clear at least for now that no matter what anyone’s opinion on the matter might be the average American is seeing a side of Joe Biden they were not fully aware of before right before a major election and this could lead to a massive increase in undecided voters lending their support to Donald Trump.



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