The LGBT Secret

By DanStr8

History Origins of The LGBTQ Community in the United States of America by: Dan Str8

The history behind the origins of the LGBTQ community is not really talked about by anyone in Washington D.C. It is defended by alot of politicians through the Human Rights Campaign. Which was built on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , and is leeching the life out of its original purpose. The Left doesn’t want us to know who the real LGBTQ community is or where it comes from originally. Because it has it’s clutches in so many organizations from The American Psychological Organizations, American Adoption Agencies, School Systems, and etc.

There is so many people in the corruption bed with the LGBTQ community. Who in fact have not officially stated they are in fact a Communist Party. Yes, the LGBTQ community has remained silent on their true agenda to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. How do I know this? Because Communist Parties do these things mostly in the dark and slowly.

Calling free speech against them hate speech, racism, or whatever. It is their way of taking advantage of our laws and exploiting them for their own goal. What is the goal of the LGBTQ community just look at their Democrat candidates. Listen closely to what they say in the debates and rhetoric in front of the mainstream media. It is a three ring circus to say the least.

The LGBTQ community is actually the combined effort of their predocessor groups the Mattichine Society and the Daughters of Bilities. Since the early 60s, these two groups perpetuated the teachings and words of John Henry MacKay and Magnus Hirshfeld both Communist and gay Europeans during WW1. MacKay was also an Anarchist which as you can see traces in the LGBTQ community. Hirshfeld was the leader of Transgenderism in Europe before it even took root in the United States. These two men are connected in thought to Karl Marx by ideology.

So basically if you want to find out who created the LGBTQ community in the United States you can basically say Karl Marx and the Anarchist movement. To find this information you have to look up the Human Rights Campaign government site, and it’s founder. The Human Rights Campaign government site tells the agenda of the Left openly and it’s plan to morally corrupt our country through our own legal system and bills. Check out this page, be proactive politically, and push back against the Deep State and the atrocities of the Communist Party of the LGBTQ community. Magnus Hirshfeld was accredited to the first successful gender reassignment surgery in Germany as well at that time.

Today we see transgenderism every where, and a push for even kids to have these grueling surgeries which actually mutilate the body. The LGBT has hid it’s own militaristic goals from most and it wants to conquer our society. You see it being pushed into our faces and ignoring the truth only goes so far. Let us as citizens instead of banning moral things, history, allowing destruction from riots/protests, and unecessary violence. Lets reverse our own roles and become activists against the real threat upon us all.

That threat has a name we all know very well. It is Communism and the Left won’t stop until the control every aspect of our lives and the lives of generations to come. We must expose their lies, and unite as patriots. The School systems are key and the media is a powerful tool as well. The People of the United States must put aside their indifferences and resist our real enemy, Communism!

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