Were you fired for not taking the jab?

By Dukin


If you know fed employees/contractors or Military – Including active duty and reserve fired for not taking vaccine.
For anyone not already involved in a lawsuit and are interested in becoming a plaintiff, please read the following from Defending the Republic (Defendingtherepublic.org)

We will be filing two new complaints in the near future focused on two groups:

– Military – Including active duty and reserve

– Federal employees and federal contractors

In order to process the the vast numbers of anticipated plaintiffs we have developed a process to solicit, review, and select potential plaintiffs for these two new lawsuits.

First – An individual will proceed to the following link https://defendingtherepublic.org/covid-lawsuit-plaintiff-intake-questionnaire/ and will fill out the questionnaire. This questionnaire will solicit information about you and your situation. It will also prompt you to upload any documentation that we need and any documentation that you feel is relevant.

Second – You will need to fill out, sign, and return the attached engagement agreement to mandate@dtrinc.org. You do NOT have to sign it with pen and ink, scan and return; but you can if you want (please save as a pdf file). If you type your name in the WORD document and return to the team stating that you have signed the agreement the legal system recognizes that as a legal document.

Third – The team at DTR will review each of the questionnaires and select those that will make the strongest case and increase the odds of success in the court.Defending The RepublicEditorCOVID LAWSUIT PLAINTIFF INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE

Fourth – Once you have been selected to become a plaintiff, one of our team members will populate a Declaration with the information you have provided in the questionnaire. That team member will return the draft Declaration for your review, update, and signature. This Declaration will be used to create the opening section of the lawsuit in which the plaintiffs situation is explained. If you are not selected to be a plaintiff, you will be contacted with additional guidance.

Fifth – Before the lawsuit is filed, we will assist in reviewing/finalizing your declaration, and then signing and preparing for submission.

Sixth – The team at DTR will keep you appraised of the status of the lawsuit as it proceeds through the courts.
There are a number of personnel that have already provided information. We ask you to please go the questionnaire link and fill it out. If you have already sent documents no need to upload them again. If you have additional documents to upload please do that in the questionnaire.

Jane Hampton Cook, janecook.com

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