The alt-right, far right and other mystical beings

By Dukin

This term seems to come up more and more, even more so as we get closer to the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020. We have to put all this in context with the folks that have an agenda to divide and conquer for the purpose of gaining power and control – The Leftists. Look at it this way, If you have all the big tech money, you control the broadcast and social media channels (including wiki and others) then you inherently have the ultimate power and ability to set the narrative to suit your agenda.

In this case the dividing of people by classes, races, and socio-economic status is a win for the left. So what does it mean to be far right? I get confused because it’s a term that’s used to “bucket” whole groups of people. Namely, Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists, republicans, and then you stir in a little KKK, white supremacy and white nationalists and you have this confusing blurring of political lines.

First off there’s this large sector of people in the middle of this battle that don’t trust government, media, banks, or the 1%. These are the people that essentially put people in power.

Then you have this radical leftist, communist/socialist group (small group with big voice controlling the narrative up until more recently) that knows they need to divide up this large group so they can gain more power. Walah!

In comes this made up alt-right / far-right, white supremacy / white nationalist label. They’re supposedly taking over the country with their bigoted, xenophobic, anti LGBTQ, race hating agenda. And here’s the kicker….they all vote for Trump.

Perfect storm.

With this current political strategy, anyone that aligns with trump now is by extension aligned with this new alt-right group. The hope being – favor for trump is reduced because people naturally don’t want to align with that radical ideology. I mean who wants be called a racist because you were born white (not of your own choosing) and you love our laws and our U.S. constitution. Plus, all the civility that we live with and trust everyday is BECAUSE we have civility and laws.

This current mis-information campaign (produced by a small majority of leftist with their big-tech and mainstream media megaphones) are hoping to convince “most” people outside the curtain this is all the truth.

Truth is, there’s a very small group of people in this country (numbers are somewhere in the low 1000’s) that subscribe to and are associated with the KKK / white supremacists. In reality, you have these diabolical groups on 4chan that are the worst racists ever that want to see the total destruction and breakdown of western society, and you have Hollywood, music and the movie industry with a huge reputation of racism. I got news for the elitists in the media – all of us that are paying attention are trying to pull back the curtains while getting called “conspiracy theorists” and racists and use our numbers to vote. We will do the same thing in 2020.

We really need a social media platform like Quite simply so “we the people” can take control again.

Thank God for PureSocial Network.

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